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Multiple Sclerosis Care

Our multiple sclerosis home care, looks at each individual service user and their needs. Each have different medical requirements due to the many forms of MS, but at Care 4 U we look at each persons needs, wants and hobbies which are often overlooked.

Choosing to have MS care is a difficult decision, however, it isn’t one you have to go through alone. Our friendly care advisers are there to talk you through the different options and criteria for your specific MS care delivered by our trained staff.

Our MS home care packages are built around not only your condition, your interests, hobbies and the specific things you want to achieve. When we take on a service user with multiple sclerosis, our carers work closely with those affected, their loved ones and healthcare professionals, to allow people to enjoy full control over their lives, and live comfortably with their conditions.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that there won’t be different MS carers coming into the home each week, instead we strive to deliver a service that allows you to build a bond with your carer and only in extenuating circumstances will we replace a carer.